MoliCare Premium Simple Pocket-type Pads for Urine Absorption 330ml 14pcs


Comfortable, discreet protection against very slight urinary incontinence or dribbling. It is designed for use within mens’ underwear.

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Recommended for :
• The management of light urinary incontinence for men
• The dribbling after urination
• For active and mobile men
• After prostate surgery

6 benefits:
• Take care of your skin and use absorbent cotton with the same weakly acidic feature as your skin
• Use full breathable design to reduce stuffiness and make skin more comfortable
• Made of absorbent polymer to suppress the smell of Armonia
• Quick absorption, reducing the unpleasantness of contact with urine
• Inverse triangle shape, fit groin comfortably
• Does not easily deform or wrinkle, fits tightly by the fixed tape in the panty

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