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Cable Magic Massage cable is a portable massager for neck, shoulder, arm, legs, waists and etc. It is good for white-collar users who work hard. It enhances the Chinese Meridian Massage Theory in a scientific way.


Cable Magic Massage cable is a portable massager for neck, shoulder, arm, legs, waists and etc. It is good for white-collar users who work hard. It enhances the Chinese Meridian Massage Theory in a scientific way. Through the TENS + EMS combined massaging waveform, it stimulates the body’s muscles and acupuncture points in order to relieve pain and fatigue. It is small, portable and easy to use. There are varieties of massage programme. No build in battery required or charging before use. You can enjoy massage anytime and anywhere.

* Portable and easy to carry ( weight: around 14 grams, length: about 1.2m)
* Easy to use ( use the preset programme for different body’s part and purpose from Apps )
* No build in battery required or charging before use (powered directly from your smart phone, pad or external charging device)
* Comfort. (Bidirectional pulse (zero net DC) reduces the likelihood of chemical skin irritation. Besides, there are 60 levels of strength for fine control. Special electrode paste uses silver paste instead of traditional charcoal. Better conductivity can be achieved as its lowest resistance is 4Ω. As no bubble in the silver paste layer, no tingling and uneven conduction will be found.)
* Safe (Multi Protection: Electrostatic Protection / Start Output Limit / Short Circuit Protection / Maximum Output Limit)
* 3 preset massage programmes on the cable without Apps. (install Apps for full features)

TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) stimulates the nerves – the rationale being that the simulation keeps pain signals from reaching the brain. TENS machines deliver small electrical pulses to the body via electrodes placed on the skin. TENS machines are thought to affect the way pain signals are sent to the brain.

EMS (Electrical muscle stimulation) causes the muscles to contract – by mimicking the action potential that comes from the central nervous system

You can get rid of batteries, cables, machines and connections by simply carrying this massage cable. You can start enjoy powerful electronic stimulation programs quickly by the Apps.

Tips: This product cannot be used as a substitute for medication. Please consult your doctor if you are pregnant or patient.

Frequently asked Questions:
Can not use line control when operation?
Please check if your smart phone need to turn on OTG function manually, if yes, turn on OTG in phone setting.

Can not connect Cablemagic?
Do not search and pair the device in the Bluetooth device scan list. The app will request to turn on the Bluetooth if it is not already on.

Can not connect Cablemagic while starting APP?
Make sure if you turn on Bluetooth and OTG. I phone user need to turn on Bluetooth manually, partial Android user need to turn on OTG manually.

What part of body can be used?
You can use in area of which the body feels uncomfortable.(Apart heart, the parts are mentioned in safety instructions).Do not use in same position for a long time.

Uncomfortable feeling when using electrode pad?
Skin stains and grease will change the characteristics of pads, and cause abnormal or uncomfortable feeling. Suggest to replace new pads.

Even when set to a stronger power level, stimulation is weak or cannot be felt?
Please re-position the pads, and ensure the pad paste as close to the skin as possible always.

Needle feeling when using?
Try to start with lower intensity until the muscle adapt to the stimulation or move the position to avoid applying on injured body part.

If the pads lost their adhesiveness?
Wash the adhesive surface of the pads with running water and shake off any water, place the pads with their adhesive surfaces facing up, then let the surfaces air dry. If the pads still lost adhesiveness, suggest to replace new pads.


Those with an acute illness

Those with malignant tumors

Those who pregnant, menstruating, or who have recently given birth

Those with heart problems

Those with an abnormal skin condition (infectious disease or injury)

Those who are Anemia, epilepsy and diabetes

Those with a pacemaker or epilepsy-prone

The electrode should not be placed near the chest (ribs and sternum), especially near the heart

Do not place the pads on the area close to the heart, on the head, front of the neck, face or genitals, or where there is a skin disease.

Do not use the device while you are asleep

Besides the above, those feeling physical discomfor



Do not to over stimulate the thyroid, neck, chest, and upper back, which may cause severe muscle cramps in the upper respiratory tract, difficulty breathing, or affect the rhythm of the heart or blood pressure

During operation, keep the pads away from metallic objects, such as belt buckles or necklaces

Do not use the device in water or in humid environment, such bathroom, sauna.

Do not use this product near shortwave or microwave therapy equipment, which may affect output power

Do not allow children or persons who are unable to express themselves to us the product

Be sure to turn off the power when removing the pads

Please store the instrument in the position where the children can’t get it


Accept Terms & Conditions:

Can only use the supplier to provide the electrode paste

Do not use the device immediately before or while driving an automobile.

Do not close to any highly flammable material, gas or explosive when using  this product

Immediately discontinue use and consult a physician if you experience bodily discomfort

Be sure the pads are note in contact with each other during session, or it may result in a strong electric shock or burn

Be sure the skin clean and dry, and no damage before use

When using  this  product or massage program for the first time, be sure to startwith low intensity and adapt gradually

Compatible with Android phone with 4.3 above, IOS 8.0 or above with Bluetooth 4.0 connection.
Model No.: CM-T1U
Made in China
Certificates: CE,FCCID,BSCI,ISO9001 and ISO14001

Weight0.173 kg


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