PUKKA Organic Relax Tea 20bags (Chamomile, Fennel & marshmallow root)


*Chamomile + Fennel+ marshmallow root

(Parallel Import)
*Chamomile flower and oat flowering tops help you to unwind
*Fennel seed, ginger and cardamom seed help to ease digestion
*Marshmallow root and licorice help to settle and soothe

Enjoy a perfect way to relax, day or night, sit down and let the pressure disappear.

Instruction for use:
1 tea bag is placed in 250 ml fresh boiled water and soaked for 5 minutes.

Ingredients: :
Sweet fennel seed (24%), chamomile flower (18%), licorice root, oat flowering tops, cardamom seed, ginger root, marshmallow root (10%).

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